EDINA @ Culture Hack Scotland

11 May 2011

Come Friday night most developers are happy to forget about coding and retire to the pub. However on May 6th, Nicola Osborne, EDINA's Social Media Officer, and Gavin Inglis of Technical Infrastructure headed to Culture Hack Scotland, an intense 24 hour event dedicated to hacking and remixing datasets provided by Scottish arts organisations and publishers.

Among the richly and diverse data made available for the event were festival listings, feeds from the National Galleries, and EDINA's own Unlock service, providing text and geocoding facilities on an open basis.

Nicola and Gavin used georeferenced Fringe venue data and the Inform 7 natural language environment to construct an immersive text-based simulation of Edinburgh venues which could be navigated in plain English.

On Saturday evening, over twenty hacks were presented, including a website for finding new friends to attend and discuss shows, an informative app for Book Festival attendees, and timelapse maps of pedestrian traffic across Edinburgh, showing the effect of the various festivals on the city.

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