Digital Monograph Technical Landscape Study on JISC Podcast

14 February 2012

Today the Digital Monograph Technical Landscape Study is featured on a new JISC Podcast and blog post, which highlight the significance of ebooks for the higher education sector.

The study, which was commissioned by JISC and led by EDINA, brings together expertise from a think tank considering the technical, publishing and usability perspectives on the current state and future development of electronic publishing formats with contributors including Liza Daly of Threepress Consulting Ltd, Peter Sefton, formerly of the Australian Digital Futures Institute, Emma Tonkin of UKOLN and Harsh Khatri, University of Bath.

Since publication several key announcements around ebook reader hardware and software have appeared making this the perfect time to read or revisit the report as higher education organisations consider how to best explore and exploit these emerging publishing technologies. Decision makers will be particularly interested in the authors' 10 recommendations for future work, which highlight key opportunities for innovative publishing technologies and practices.

The report, which is available under a Creative Commons license, can be accessed on the project website or via several alternative formats discussed in the report: epub (usable on most devices); mobi (for Kindle users); and pdf.

We are keen hear your thoughts and experiences in this area so please comment on the project blog or tweet your comments to the project hashtag: #jiscpub

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