Friday, August 5, 2016

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This weekend the Edinburgh International Festival opens on Sunday (7th August) with Deep Time, an ambitious one-off event combining music, extraordinary projection mapping onto Edinburgh's Castle Rock, and a trip through geologic time. At the heart of the event is the work of James Hutton, whose work is also highlighted in the latest tour to be added to a new release of the University of Edinburgh and EDINA Curious Edinburgh iOS app and website.

Dr Bill Jenkins, AHRC Cultural Engagement Research Fellow, has created two brand new tours for Curious Edinburgh that explore the history, personalities, and key landmarks in Edinburgh's physics and geology discoveries.

"Deep time" was a concept developed by Hutton in the 18th century as a way to understand the history of the Earth through its changing layers of rock. You can witness some of the rocks that led to this idea if you visit the "Hutton Section", a part of The Crags in Holyrood Park, one of the stops on our new History of Geology tour. Bill has also been working with artist Graeme McNee to create a short comic book on Hutton and Deep Time for the Edinburgh International Festival, which also features the eminent Enlightenment drinking group, The Oyster Club, a stop you can also visit on the Curious Edinburgh History of Science tour launched earlier this summer. The History of Geology, History of Physics, and History of Science, Technology and Medicine tours are all available through the same Curious Edinburgh iOS app and accompanying responsive (and Android device-friendly) website.

EDINA have been working closely with Niki Vermeulen (PI) and Bill to bring their knowledge of Edinburgh's scientific heritage to life for new audiences, including the diverse international group of visitors that travel to Edinburgh every August for the Festival. Curious Edinburgh was funded by grants from the AHRC's Community Engagement-funded Engaging Edinburgh project, and the University of Edinburgh's Innovation Initiative. The project also benefits from the support of many partners and collaborators, but particularly the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS) research cluster, in the University of Edinburgh School of Social and Political Science, where both Niki and Bill are based.

Curious Edinburgh is powered by Edinburgh CityScope, a project of the Centre for Science Education at the University of Edinburgh in which EDINA is also a partner. Edinburgh CityScope is working across the University, and the city, to create the digital infrastructure to make Edinburgh a Global City of Learning. We invite all those visiting Edinburgh festivals this year to take a look at the (free) Curious Edinburgh app and/or website and to let us know what they think using the hashtag #curiousedinburgh (or by emailing:

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