Friday, November 20, 2015

The following announcement is available on the Jisc website.

In 2011 Jisc MediaHub was set up to meet the needs of the UK's education and research communities to access and use licensed audio-visual content for teaching, learning and research.

It has provided a single point of access to a number of multimedia archives, both purchased by Jisc as well as aggregated from other sources, thus enabling cross-searching and exploration of TV news, documentary films, still images and classical music.

Over the years technology has changed and so has online user behaviour and the availability of digital content from a range of services. This has prompted Jisc to re-assess the continuation of MediaHub.

From July 2016 the subscription service will no longer be available from Jisc and we are looking into alternative solutions to ensure continued access to the content post-July 2016.

We will communicate updates on progress as soon as they are available.

As a result, the Jisc MediaHub service delivered by EDINA will close on 31 July 2016.

We are keen to assist users of Jisc MediaHub during the remainder of this current service year. Accordingly we have created a page to gather frequently asked questions regarding the retiral of the service. We will also do our best to answer questions via the usual channels, including the MediaHub Blog and Twitter.

Jisc MediaHub was developed by EDINA as a single multimedia 'platform': this combined authorised access to collections from Film & Sound Online, NewsFilm Online and the collections from the JISC-funded Digital Images for Education (DIE) together with resource discovery for around a million high quality and rights-cleared image, video and sound resources. The latter built upon earlier project work (the Visual and Sound Materials Portal) to harvest and cross-search metadata of collections hosted by other organisations. MediaHub first became available in 2011 with progress since mapped on its roadmap.

Peter Burnhill, Director of EDINA, commented:

‘EDINA is pleased to have played an innovative role in the provision of MediaHub. This has given staff at EDINA rich experience and valuable expertise in the discovery and delivery of visual and sound material as multimedia content for research and educational purposes. We look forward to engaging with partners in new ways to support the use, and re-use, of high quality video, image and sound resources.

‘EDINA would like to hear from you about your current and future needs and expectations around the use of video, images, sound and emergent forms of multimedia, such as 3D content, in teaching, learning and research. Please do get in touch with us (email edina [at]; or if you would like to be kept informed about our future multimedia activities and opportunities please join our contact list.’