Wednesday, August 19, 2015

As the SafeNet project enters its second year the team are hoping to take on small, one-off, data acquisition exercises with HE libraries over the next 6 months. The aim of these is to focus on collecting data around the cancellation and renewal of electronic journals. We would like to understand how the data used in regular library workflows can assist with the development of an entitlement registry that records asserted continuing access rights to subscribed content.

The SafeNet project consists of two key components: a private LOCKSS network and a registry of entitlement. These data acquisition exercises would assist the project team in understanding the challenges related to gathering entitlement data. Assistance from the community in understanding what the requirements are in real terms would be incredibly useful; specifically what data you have access to and what would you like us to take into consideration in making the registry usable and useful.

We would be very grateful for your input. We do not wish to ask for much of your time; ideally, we could talk to you a couple of times over the next few months to understand the steps and processes that you're going through, and we'll ask that you share relevant data with us to aid our understanding. We would also like to understand how a registry of entitlement could help in your routine workflows (e.g. cancellation exercises, annual reviews etc.). If you foresee exercises like these coming up before the end of 2015 we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this work with you.

The group converged to discuss work carried out and planning for the future. The team reviewed project activity that included, at that stage, consultations with publishers and the beginning of consultations with libraries around the pain points of post cancellation access. Consideration was also given to access triggers, content scope, community development and the eventual negotiations with publishers regarding the intended local load agreement.

Please contact us at edina [at] if you're interested.

You can follow the project developments through until next Summer via the SafeNet blog.

Jisc Futures has invested in Safenet, a two-year ‘service-in-development’ to improve assured continuity of access for UK HE institutions to the electronic journal articles for which they have paid.