Monday, January 12, 2015

Today two Jisc projects, both managed by EDINA, are putting out calls to the community for participation.


Jisc Collections is carrying out a survey in order to understand the post-cancellation access needs of its customers. We are asking on behalf of Jisc's SafeNet project, which is developing the foundations of national archive infrastructure to host a UK collection of archived e-journals, and clarify continuing access rights through use of an entitlement registry that will record subscription history.

The intention is to simplify the route to articles when a current subscription is no longer in place and access via the publisher's platform is either unavailable or unaffordable. Your responses to this survey will help inform the priorities of the project. The survey should take no longer than ten minutes to complete:

SafeNet Survey

To find out more about the SafeNet project, please visit and read the blog:

SafeNet Project Blog

The deadline for submissions is 24 January 2015.

Keepers Extra

EDINA colleague Leah Bijelic is conducting interviews on behalf of the Keepers Extra team, exploring a strategic approach to preserving the world's digital journals, and invites participants who would be willing to be interviewed by telephone.

These interviews are a first step towards an understanding of how to segment, for preservation, the 'long tail' of journals published by small publishers. The interview would consist of questions about how you evaluate different digital journals in your collection, how you prioritise when making collection management decisions as well as questions about how to segment the 'long tail' and share responsibility for preserving journals published by smaller publishers and learned societies.

The interviews will develop the thinking of the Keepers Extra team and inform its Community Advisory Group - a group representing the needs of UK and international research libraries and library organisations, as well as the agencies that currently preserve digital journals. The thoughts of information professionals are valuable at this stage.

Prospective interviewees may contact Leah by email at leah.bijelic [at] She will then send a briefing document and list of questions and schedule a date and time for the interview.

Keepers Extra project summary