Monday, February 6, 2017

EDINA's Paul Walk has recently co-edited a technical book on "Developing Metadata Application Profiles", along with Mariana Curado Malta (Polytechnic of Oporto, Portugal & Algoritmi Center, University of Minho, Portugal) and Ana Alice Baptista (Algoritmi Center, University of Minho, Portugal).

Paul and Ana are chairs of the international Dublin Core Metadata Initiative governing board and executive committee, see

The context for the book is the prevalence of data science which has grown exponentially in recent years. The associated increases in data exchange have created the need for standards and formats on handling data from different sources. Developing Metadata Application Profiles is an innovative reference source that discusses the latest trends and techniques for effectively managing and exchanging metadata. Including a range of perspectives on schemas and application profiles, such as interoperability, ontology-based design, and model-driven approaches, this book is ideally designed for researchers, academics, professionals, graduate students, and practitioners actively engaged in data science.

The many academic areas covered in the book include: Implementation Techniques Interoperability Minimum Mandatory Metadata Sets Model-Driven Approaches Ontology-Based Design Open Educational Resources Poetry Metadata

For further information and a free preview see