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Grid-square Agricultural Census and Survey data for England, Scotland and Wales.


Worldwide not-for-profit dark archive for the survival of Web-based scholarly publications.

Edinburgh DataShare

Online multi-disciplinary repository for sharing and safekeeping of research data.


Ordnance Survey maps and data as pre-built customisable maps or data for download.

Digimap for Colleges

Access to, and support for, Ordnance Survey mapping for Further Education.

Digimap for Schools

Contemporary and historic Ordnance Survey mapping for primary/secondary schools (UK).

Digimap OpenStream

For desktop GIS users to stream data to their desktop without storing or managing the data.

Keepers Registry

Aggregation of metadata supplied by archiving agencies who preserve electronic journals.


Free online course designed for researchers or others who manage digital data for research projects.

MapStream for Schools

Streaming Ordnance Survey digital mapping at a range of scales, into GIS for the Schools sector.

OpenURL Router

Connects an OpenURL in an online service with the OpenURL resolver at the user's institution.


Enabling researchers, students and librarians to locate journals, periodicals, newspapers etc.

The Statistical Accounts of Scotland

A wealth of information about life in Scotland during the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

UK Data Service Census Support

Providing boundary datasets, associated geographical lookup tables and postcode directories.

UK LOCKSS Alliance

Cooperative of UK libraries that build local archives of scholarly significant materials.