Title‘DIY’ Research Data Management Training Kit for Librarians
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2013
AuthorsRice, Robin, and Macdonald Stuart
Conference NameFraming the Digital Curation Curriculum International Conference
Date Published05/2013
PublisherDigital Curator Vocational Education Europe (DigCurV) Project
Conference LocationFlorence, Italy

This paper discusses extended professional development training in research data management for librarians piloted at the University of Edinburgh. This is framed by the evolving research data management Roadmap at the University, national and international initiatives in managing research data by bodies such as Jisc and LIBER, and the subsequent need to ‘up skill’ information professionals in the emerging area of academic research data management. This knowledge-transfer exercise includes independent study based on the research data MANTRA course and reflective writing, face to face sessions with different speakers giving short presentations followed by discussion, and group exercises. The resultant training ‘kit’ was released in Spring 2013 with an open licence for other institutions, particularly those without local research data management expertise, to utilise for ‘DIY’ RDM training.