TitleChapter 12 - ‘Where’ Matters: Keeping Apace with Geo-Ubiquity in a Digital World
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSmyth, Conor G.
EditorEvans, David, and Baker Wendy
Book TitleDigital Information Strategies
Pagination167 - 183
PublisherChandos Publishing
ISBN Number978-0-08-100251-3
Keywordstechnological innovation

Abstract Geo-information and digital technologies are constantly changing at an unprecedented rate, affecting commerce, governments and citizens alike. This chapter aims to focus on a number of significant current themes, as well as highlight some of the advances and projected trends in the area of digital geo-information, in particular detailing how data-gathering, availability, access and technology across the globe are evoking substantive institutional and societal change with the accompanying transformation of citizen behaviour now that ‘geospatial’ technologies are all-pervasive. Further attention will be given to some of the salient challenges and opportunities that may be presented by future and predicted trends in the geospatial sphere.