TitleFieldtrip GB: Creating a customisable mapping and data capture app for the HEFE community
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsButchart, Ben, Pope Addy, King Murray, Hamilton George, Terzis Panos, and Koutroumpas Michael
Conference NameGISRUK 2013
Date Published04/2013
PublisherGeographgical Information Science Research UK
Conference LocationUniversity of Liverpool, UK
Keywordsordnance survey

Fieldtrip GB is a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones. It has been designed to allow users to take high quality basemaps into the field and capture spatial data against them. Fieldtrip GB is part of a suite of tools that connect through a Personal Cloud API (PCAPI) which allow users and developers to create custom data forms and manage the creation and flow of data captured through the app. This paper introduces the app and explains the concept of the PCAPI. It also describes some of the difficulties in developing apps in the current fragmented mobile sector and details the use of open data to create a suitable basemap for the application.