TitleGoing for GOLD - Adventures in Open Linked Metadata
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsReid, James, Waites Will, and Butchart Ben
Conference NameAGI GeoCommunity 2011
Date Published09/2011
Conference LocationNottingham, United Kingdom

In endeavouring to expose the Deep web, we have taken a Linked Data approach and published geospatial metadata as RDF. We have explored alternate options for RDF generation – from cross- walking through well known vocabularies such as Dublin Core, to RDF generation direct from a relational database. In either case, there is an expectation that the outputs will be consistent yet the vagaries of geospatial data (quality aspects) mean that establishing which approach is more flexible or robust in any particular application instance, is necessarily subject to trial and error. We have established a basic workflow and infrastructure which support CSW harvesting (from any CSW) and automated Linked Data publication of that geospatial metadata by adopting well known and frequently used vocabularies e.g. FOAF, DCat. An open question remains as to whether or not Linked Data is the panacea to resource discovery and reuse that its proponents assert. A significant issue to overcome is to establish core, common vocabularies – particularly in respect to alternate and competing approaches to the representation of geometry information.