TitleA Legacy of Inspiration and an Enduring Smile
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBurnhill, Peter
JournalIASSIST Quarterly
Start Page18
Date Published03/2013

This is written in appreciation of the pioneering contribution made by Sue Dodd to what we would now call metadata standards for research data les. It describes two occasions when I had good cause to cite her work, the rst when writing in 1984/5 about data libraries and how these might develop in the UK. The context is the early years of Edinburgh University Data Library and the visit by Sue Dodd to present at a seminar and workshop in London and Edinburgh. The second occasion for citation was almost 30 years later, when writing about digital preservation of scholarly statement. That gives opportunity to place her work in the context of the new forms of scholarly publication in which research data form an increasing part, with new need to ensure appropriate citation for web- based resources.