TitleLowering the barriers from Discovery to Delivery: a JISC funded EDINA and Mimas project
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGuy, Fred, and Palmer Joy Elizabeth
JournalInterlending & Document Supply
Start Page158
Date Published08/2010
KeywordsUnited Kingdom

Purpose: The paper aims to describe the context and the progress with the UK Discovery to Delivery project.

Design/methodology/approach: Having set the scene for Discovery to Delivery, the paper describes how the project work was divided into four separate but interlinked strands. The methodologies for each strand are described and the outcomes are critically assessed.

Findings: The project was successful in demonstrating that services created separately by different organisations could be enhanced to provide a seamless approach from discovery to delivery for users. It had been planned to develop a link to local document supply services, but investigation revealed that further investigation would be required before such a service could usefully be supplied.

Originality/value: The project is an example of inter‐working between the national data centres with services that have already been established