TitleOGC® Engineering Report for the OWS Shibboleth Interoperability Experiment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHiggins, Chris
JournalOGC® Public Engineering Reports
Date Published04/2012
Type of ArticlePublic Engineering Report

This document reports on outcomes from the OGC Web Services Shibboleth Interoperability Experiment (OSI). The main objective of OSI was to advance the use of Shibboleth (an open source implementation of SAML) as a means of protecting OWS. In the process, OSI helped develop further understanding of this approach to establishing trusted federations of OWS. This report documents these findings and is intended to be of use to those interested in how Shibboleth/SAML access management federations may function as an organisational model for operational Spatial Data Infrastructure.