TitleRepository junction and beyond at the EDINA (UK) national data centre
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRice, Robin, Burnhill Peter, Rees Christine, and Robertson Anne
EditorKovacs, L, Fuhr N, and Meghini C
Book TitleResearch and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, Proceedings
PublisherSpringer-Verlag GmbH
ISBN Number978-3-540-74850-2
Keywordsresearch outputs

EDINA has been funded to undertake a variety of repository-related development activities to enhance and support access to scholarly and learning objects in the UK. JORUM is a national learning object repository for sharing and repurposing educational materials. The purpose of the Depot is to ensure that all UK academics can enjoy the benefits of Open Access for their peer-reviewed post-prints by providing a repository for the interim period before every university has such repository provision. GRADE has been investigating and reporting on the technical and cultural issues around the reuse of geospatial data in the context of media-centric, informal and institutional repositories. With the DataShare project, by supporting academics who wish to share datasets on which written research outputs are based, a network of institution-based data repositories will develop a niche model for deposit of 'orphaned datasets' currently filled neither by centralised subject-domain data archives nor institutional repositories.