Research & Development

We work with emerging technologies and participate in innovative and prestigious research projects in the UK & internationally.

Service Design & Testing

We offer a complete in-house service for all aspects of project development and service design, including specialist technical expertise.

Project Management

We have over 20 years of experience of guiding services and projects from initial tendering to final products and reports.

Service Delivery

We take care of the full development cycle with our team of software engineers, designers, and user support specialists


Our team of user support specialists give users the help they need when they need it.


EDINA’s work is underpinned by the expertise and significant storage, computing, and networking capacity of the University of Edinburgh.

EDINA fields a diverse mix of services and R&D projects. Geospatial, historical, multimedia and data-driven, we have extensive experience in delivering a wide range of digital products.

Case Study: Spatial Memories

During the Spatial Memories project EDINA mobile developers worked with community groups with various accessibility needs and requirements in order to create a proof of concept app for recording memories as the user walks or moves around their neighbourhood, a new area, etc.

Memories are stored as text, audio or images and all are geolocated so that they can be viewed on a map. The idea is that you can map out your own route to help you get around, to create reminders for yourself, to remind you of landmarks or obstacles, or for your own creative purpose. For more information take a look at the website where you will find more information on the project, our findings and our final report.

This project, which ran from February to August 2014, was supported by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Jisc, Jisc TechDis, The Technology Strategy Board, the Higher Education Academy, and the Small Business Research Initiative. EDINA worked in collaboration with Artlink Central, Edinburgh College of Art and individual collaborators from the disabled and access support community.

Spatial memories

Expertise at EDINA

We work with libraries, publishers and publication data with our experience and expertise including:

  • Developing and delivering services at scale for the academic, research and wider library sector including SUNCAT, The Keepers Registry, CLOCKSS and the OpenURL Router.
  • Research data services and support (see Research Data Management for more details).
  • Cultural, policy, legal and technical expertise in continuing access and preservation of e-journals.
  • Metadata, publishing and communication formats including RIOXX, MARC 21, AACR2, and JACS, and OAI-PMH.
  • Harvesting, processing and combining metadata from multiple sources into a single standard delivery format.
  • Archiving and preservation technologies and approaches including LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) and Memento web archiving.

To find out more about how we can help you, whether through consultancy or bringing a new idea to life for your organisation, library consortia, or research group, please get in touch.

We’ve been supporting researchers to work with digital data, and to have the skills to share their own data for re-use, since EDINA began. Our skills in this area includes:

  • Research data management training, and online courses including Research Data MANTRA and the Research Data Management and Sharing MOOC.
  • Advice and support on research data management throughout the lifecycle of a research project including Data Management Planning.
  • Consultancy and commissioned writing and reports on research data management approaches and best practice.
  • Training and support for researchers at all levels on working with large scale data sets, including licensing, privacy and ethical considerations around storing and sharing their own research data.
  • Development and infrastructure experience in hosting, sharing and managing research data including experience of repository frameworks and standards including DSpace, ePrints, OAI-PMH, SWAP and SWORD.
  • Creative and innovative campaigns to build community adoption of best practices including re-using of research data, such as our forthcoming innovative research data exhibition in Edinburgh.

To find out more about how you can take advantage of our research data management expertise, please get in touch.

Our geospatial team represent a huge depth and breadth of technical, geographic and policy expertise in the area of geospatial information, including:

  • Development and delivery of Digimap, our flagship service offering access to Ordnance Survey (modern and historic) to the Higher Education, Further Education (Digimap for Colleges) and Schools (Digimap for Schools) sectors.
  • Deep understanding of the technical, licensing and policy context around geospatial information, data products, and emerging technologies.
  • Contribution to the geospatial standards community including INSPIRE and SWE4CitizenScience.
  • Development and delivery of gazetteer services for the UK education and research sector, enabling georeferencing and data mining of text.
  • Aggregation of existing geospatial data sets from diverse sources, including development of sophisticated bespoke map stacks from openly licensed data sources.
  • Training and support services for common GIS (Geographic Information System) products including ArcGIS, CAD and QGIS.
  • Working with standard geospatial formats and technologies including: OpenLayers, OGC WebMap Service and OGC Web Feature Service, OGC Geography Markup Language, geoJSON, Postgres/postGIS.

Geospatial information has huge potential as research and social data is increasingly georeferenced from the outset. To find out more about how you can bring our geospatial expertise into your work, please get in touch.

We are passionate about data and the potential for data science to contribute to research and society through technologies and innovation.

  • Training and practical advice for researchers on working with data, including our Research Data Management (see separate section) guidance, and UK Data Service Census Support work.
  • Research and development projects with private sector partners and The Data Lab as a technical research partner developing tools and approaches for strategic exploration of “big data“.
  • Working with data at scale, including data hosting, analysis, creation and management of APIs to provide remote access to large data sets.
  • Development and delivery of gazetteer services for the UK education and research sector, enabling georeferencing and data mining of text.
  • Long standing collaborative working relationships with experts in data mining and NLP (Natural Language Processing) the Language Technology Group at the 5* rated University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. The school and our relationships include those working in the high profile UK Alan Turing Institute.
  • Expertise in data quality issues, and of the legal and privacy complexities of working with large and/or aggregated data sets.
  • Data cleaning/wrangling using tools such as SPSS, Sledgehammer, StatTransfer
  • Working with both academic and non-academic data-providers to explore and maximise innovative re-use (for "productivisation")

To find out more about our Data Science work to date, or to propose a new commission or collaborative project, please get in touch.

We have a breadth of expertise and experience in the Digital Humanities, providing services, advice, training and consultancy in areas including:

  • Working with geospatial data and georeferenced research data, including use of GIS systems such as ARCGIS and Mapinfo.
  • Working with social media tools and data, including ethical and privacy considerations.
  • Creating and working with digital research collections, both text and image.
  • Research data management, including storing and sharing research data appropriately.
  • Presenting digital scholarship online, including data visualisation and digital exhibitions.
  • Communicating your research through social media.”

We love the diversity of approaches and opportunities that arise in the digital humanities. To discuss your project’s requirements, to ask about running a training course for your organisation, or to arrange a time to talk about an idea that you need a technology partner for, please get in touch.

We have a long track record in exploring mobile technologies in new and innovative ways. Our current work particularly focuses on our specialist expertise in:

  • Delivery of bespoke citizen science and crowdsourcing apps, enabling project partners to collect data from their community.
  • Expertise in designing, developing, supporting, communicating and delivering crowd sourcing and citizen science projects, particularly for environmental research projects.
  • Tailoring and support services for FieldTrip Open, our open source mobile citizen science citizen science suite which builds on technology developed as part of the EU FP7 COBWEB: Citizen Observatory Web project.
  • Innovative and flexible cloud-based mobile tour apps that enable apps to be generated through simple content management systems. For example, Curious Edinburgh which enables residents and visitors to Edinburgh to explore the city’s history of science, physics and geology.
  • Research and development projects exploring the potential of new mobile technologies, such as beacons/ibeacons, augmented reality and our forthcoming Tango indoor mapping project.
  • Experience in iOS and Android development as well as using cross-platform mobile app development tools.
  • And responsive-as-standard approach to web development that ensures that all appropriate projects and services are designed and developed for mobile, tablet and traditional computer screens without, in many cases, the need for separate apps.

We think that citizen science has enormous potential and would love to hear from you about your ideas for innovative research that makes use of the wisdom of crowds. To discuss your own citizen science or crowd sourcing project, or to talk to us about your idea for other mobile projects, please do get in touch.

Our work in digital education and educational technology focuses on research, advice and training around social media in teaching and learning contexts including:

  • Research and consultancy around student – and staff – digital footprints and eprofessionalism, built on our ongoing “Managing Your Digital Footprint” research projects into students’ use of social media and their management of their online identity.
  • Social media policy and best practice, including advice and consultancy on guidance and training in this area, including resources such as our CC-licensed EDINA Social Media Guidelines and template Course Handbook guidance.
  • Advice, expertise and consultancy on approaches to using new media and social media in educational contexts, whether face to face, blended and fully online learning and teaching spaces.
  • Communications and public engagement training and advice, including establishing strategy, goals, metrics/KPIs and reporting.
  • Commissioned scoping reports and bespoke consultancy into digital education, educational technology, or social media in education, research or outreach contexts.

We always developing our work in this area so please do get in touch and let us know your training, research, or consultancy requirements. We also welcome approaches for potential partnerships or commissions of new educational technology tools or approaches.

Our diverse range of skills and expertise mean we are well places to deliver bespoke commissions for new projects, depending on your requirements and budget and our availability.

We have experienced project and service managers, front end and back end developers, infrastructure experts, metadata specialists, user support specialists, design and user experience experts, and subject specialists. We roll out services and run research and development projects with a sophisticated and robust project management methodology. Service management at EDINA is based on ITIL principles and processes. We draw on an array of standard web development and programming languages, technologies and experiences.

We are specialists in working with education and research at all levels, but we have designed and developed custom services for a wide range of clients and partners across all sectors. We have also taken on re-development and/or hosting and support of existing digital tools and services for a wide range of stakeholders.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help turn your idea into reality, whether you are looking for a working prototype/proof of concept or a fully-fledged service.